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Helping a client enforce branding  
using a corporate PowerPoint Template


  • Client is the Marketing Head of a California based Insure Tech Startup.
  • Tasked with evaluating brand consistency across Communication tools used by staff.
  • Basic guidelines exist for Logo, color scheme and font use that are aligned with Brand Image.
Case Studies


  • High level of Presentation discomfort amongst staff as there is no standard template for creating Presentations.
  • Client has a strong understanding of Brand Design Principles but lacks expertise in PowerPoint design.
  • No in-house team to provide guidance and support with the design and development of a standard template.
Case Studies


  • CCA setup a team comprising a Project lead and a Presentation Design Expert to support the client.
  • Working closely with the client, CCA created a stylesheet to define basic guiding principles for creating a presentation.
  • Developed a custom PowerPoint template with a modern sleek look and sample layouts for common use.
Case Studies


  • The stylesheet is used by the Client as a training resource and for reinforcing brand guidelines across the organization.
  • The custom PowerPoint template has helped remove the time associated with slide setup and prevents non design executives from making design decisions that are not aligned with brand guidelines.
Case Studies

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